ZF Showcases Aito HapticTouch in Next Generation Gear Shifter at IAA 2019


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ZF Showcases Aito HapticTouch in Next Generation Gear Shifter at IAA 2019

13 September 2019

ZF Aito HapticTouch Gear Shifter

Aito’s HapticTouch technology has been used to demonstrate the world’s first touch-based gear shifter with haptic feedback. 

It’s part of the Safe Human Interaction Cockpit concept developed by ZF in partnership with Faurecia.

The Safe Human Interaction Cockpit brings clarity to handover scenarios between manual and automated driving modes, showing how humans and on-board systems interact intuitively to help enhance comfort and safety. 

Safe Human Interaction Cockpit

Photo Credit: ZF

In virtually any situation, driver and vehicle can communicate clearly and easily, regardless of which of them is driving the vehicle at the time. The goal is enhanced vehicle safety and comfort from the point of departure to the destination.

The advantages of using Aito’s ultra-thin HapticTouch technology in the gear shifter are:

  • An intuitive shifting of gears for the driver without needing an actual gearstick

  • A massive saving of space in the cabin/cockpit for the user, and a reduction in design complexity, materials, and cost for the manufacturer

  • More design freedom for the manufacturer on where to place the gear shifter (or automatic transmission)

ZF Haptic Feedback Gear Shifter with Aito HapticTouch

Photo Credit: ZF

To see the HapticTouch gear shifter and the Safe Human Interaction Cockpit visit the IAA in Frankfurt from September 12th to the 22nd.

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