aito-touch-technologyThe SEP touch technology stands out for two unique properties: configurability and the exchangeability of the SEP touch module. SEP touch technology makes the seamless design of touch keys easy under any overlay material.

The touch is detected by a piezo disc per switch within stack, connected through simple piezo filter circuitry to the control chip. The touch sensing can be configured in terms of sensitivity, size of active area of keys, cross-talk filtering and even adaptation of different overlays as well as piezo disc properties. Configuring is made by host software through registers via standard communication protocols to make it very easy technology to adapt to any environment. It also allows the behavior of each switch to be independently designed. (See more on product tools).

Another key innovation is the exchangeability of the SEP touch module. The SEP piezo stack can be integrated under overlay without permanent bonding, which results in multiple benefits: it makes the device manufacturing much more flexible in terms of supply chain and changes in industrial designs. It operates with any product frame without need to make expensive cutting or milling to switch modules for user interface module. Maintenance and updating the switch module of the product is made possible. All in all the exchangeability lowers production costs, supply costs, and lifetime costs of the end products.