Aito-Haptic-Touch-diagramThe need to feel the key while pressing it is a universal requirement for any key, including touch. Providing correctly designed and timed haptic feedback to the fingertip of the user satisfies this need intuitively, significantly enhancing both the usability and user experience of a touch key interface. The SEP HapticTouch technology brings the tactile feel back to the switches without any need of additional actuators or mechanisms. The construction is impressively simple, one piezo disc per switch as for SEP touch, increased only in diameter within the same industrially proven thin stack. Discs are electrically connected through sensing circuitry and haptic booster circuitry to the control chip. With the highly intelligent control by the chip the same piezo discs are used for both sensing and haptic feedback by vibrating them with the energy offered by the booster circuitry. Each switch can be independently controlled for both sensing and haptic feedback to provide highly designable, controlled and localized touch experience to the user’s fingertip.

HapticTouch technology integrates the touch and haptic feedback fully to each other: single component, single control point, single interaction point. This solution brings compelling benefits over the alternative technologies: Extreme cost and energy efficiency, multichannel interaction points and provides new level of control and design capability for the touch experience. It has also proven to be very reliable in terms of aging, operational conditions and configurability to the various devices and environments.

With this technology each switch can be programmed to feel and behave according to the use case, function or the device according to the choice of the device industrial and user experience designers. It also brings the usability back for touch user interfaces for visually impaired, and for any keys operated without looking.