We proudly present our development tools: the AitoHapticTouch and the AitoTouch Evaluation Kits as well as our UX Design Studio.


AitoHapticTouch Evaluation Kit

The AitoHapticTouch Evaluation Kit is developed to answer all modern touch user experience demands; it is plug &play and demonstrates the various haptic, light and sound capabilities of the AitoChip. The more demanding user can also connect the Haptic Evaluation Kit to the Design Studio to custom make his/her own feedback designs.
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AitoTouch Evaluation Kit

The AitoTouch Evaluation Kit is made to answer current design trends. With its various seamless top layers which are available in aluminium, steel, wood, glass and backlit PC one can envision most touch surfaces ever required.
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Aito UX Design Studio SCREENSHOT

UX Design Studio

The UX Design Studio is a PC software which allows you to create and easily modify the user feedback on any AitoTouch based UI. The Design Studio can be used together with all Evaluation Kits or with any of the latest AitoChips.
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