Our resources are developed with the philosophy to effortlessly let you experience our technology in detail. The resources will also support you to become self-sufficient in integrating AitoTouch into your products, in a reliable and cost efficient way.

We are especially proud on our Development Tools; the Evaluation Kits in combination with the PC software UX Design Studio. The idea behind the tools was always to enable designers, product developers and marketers to conveniently work together, resulting in everyone quickly understanding technology capabilities and how to combine those capabilities with the needs in the market.

The best way to get acquainted with e.g. AitoTouch or AitoHapticTouch is therefore to first have a look at the videos and presentations we put together and then simply get your hands on one of our Evaluation Kits – all Evaluation Kits come equipped with UX Design Studio.

If you already are acquainted with our technology and maybe you even have a product application in mind, then please see our company presentation on how we best can support your product development process and future market introduction. We believe that particularly our Development Package, where two of our FAE’s share all the details of our technology to your development team during a two day session, will assist you in reaching a very quick time to market and the highest degree of self-sufficiently, i.e. low costs and full control.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information, we want our resources to help your products succeed.