Renault Symbioz Features Aito HapticTouch


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Renault Symbioz Features Aito HapticTouch

15 December 2017

Renault Symbioz car

Renault has presented its Symbioz concept car featuring Aito’s technology. It’s a showcase of Renault’s vision for human interface solutions and its future autonomous, connected and electric cars.

Our unique touch and haptic feedback technology has been implemented in several parts of the interior. In the steering wheel,  our space-efficient controls replace bulky buttons, making room for slimmer designs or larger airbags. In the middle console, the ‘hidden-until lit’ controls provide fast and easy access to essential functions such as  the warning signal. Seamlessly integrated into premium wooden material, our user interface solution perfectly blends into the rest of the interior.

It’s the first time that Aito’s piezo-based technology is presented in a concept car and a perfect example of the transformation from traditional buttons to touch-based user interfaces. By combining touch sensing with tactile, micro-click feedback, Aito is the world’s only solution that does not compromise between design, ease-of-use and safety. The technology is expected to be in mass production vehicles from 2020 onwards.

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