Peter Kurtjens

Peter Kurstjens, CEO. He is responsible for the global expansion of Aito’s emerging solution.
From 2004, Peter held several senior management roles within Wacom, a global leader in digital pen interface products. As general manager of a software business unit at Wacom in Germany, he was responsible for building a successful portfolio of mobile consumer solutions from scratch. Prior to Wacom, Peter was active at Philips in the Netherlands and the United States. As general manager for Electronic Ink Displays business unit, he stood at the basis of enabling new e-reader devices such as Amazon Kindle. Peter has two Master Degrees, in Mechanical Engineering and Business Adminstration, from the Technical University of Twente, The Netherlands. He lives in Germany with his wife and three children.

Rene de Vries

Rene de Vries, CCO and founder, is responsible for business development and sales. Rene has over 20 years’ experience in piezo switching. He founded Aito to reach the global mass market by giving product designers the freedom to create outstanding touch buttons that add user-appeal to products. Rene is a founding member of Applied Piezo and the key initiator of the SmartPie research program, for which he was president of the supervisory board. Rene holds a Bachelor’s degree in mechanics and business development.

Jockum Lönnberg

Jockum Lönnberg, COO and co-founder, heads the FAE team and is responsible for our customer promise to be self-sufficient to integrate AitoTouch into their products. He graduated with the University´s highest awards for his work on “Applying new User Interface Paradigms in Product Development”. Jockum holds a Masters degree in mechanical engineering from the Aalto University.