INKEF Capital stands for Investing in the Knowledge Economy of the Future. INKEF Capital provides long-term capital and business advice to starting entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. From the very early stages of a high-tech venture, INKEF Capital supports entrepreneurs in turning their ideas into successful businesses. Whether providing seed capital to turn a great idea into a company or providing growth capital to give a running start-up the next push, INKEF Capital is the partner for the long haul. Turning an idea or invention into a profitable business requires enthusiasm, hard work, perseverance and the right support. Besides capital, INKEF Capital provides entrepreneurs with advice from experienced mentors who have been there before. This allows the entrepreneurs to focus on the vital task of starting and growing their business. If new and better market opportunities arise, INKEF is flexible enough to redefine the business plan.

Established and funded by Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP, the largest pension fund in the Netherlands, INKEF Capital has the capacity to support a company all the way. Together, they are strengthening the knowledge economy in the Netherlands.

Sirius Venture Partners GmbH, headquartered in Wiesbaden and Dusseldorf, is a venture capital firm focused on investments in early business stages. As an investor in technological growth markets, Sirus focus on investments in companies in the seed until the early expansion phase, which, with innovative technologies, products and business models above-average growth potential.

Sirius support companies in their strategic alignment with their years of experience as an entrepreneur and financier on an international scale. Extensive expertise in diverse areas of industry, personal commitment and access to top-class networks form the basis for successful and sustainable growth of their portfolio companies.