Aito is a spin off from a Dutch company producing piezo keyboards, merged with a Finnish team experienced in Haptic feedback. They met in 2007 at the Aalto University in Helsinki Finland. Together they combine twenty years’ experience in piezo touch switching with seven years’ piezo haptic feedback research in mobile devices.

The Applied Piezo Foundation, co-founded by the Aito’s CEO, together with the prestigious SmartMix project, instigated and subsidized by the Dutch Government, provided initial technical and financial support, enabling product development.

Since 2012 Aito has received venture capital funding to complete its first product development and start the commercial roll out.

Today, Aito has its Headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and its Research Department in Helsinki, Finland.

Aito’s products are licensed worldwide, with a strong focus in Asia.


Aito believes in intuitive user interfaces and complete design freedom for designers, enabling consistent user experience across product ranges. “A product is desirable when its interaction is pleasurable”.


Aito aims to change the perception of touch switches, from ‘just switches’ to feature-rich controls that provide an intuitive and powerful user experience.


For Aito to become the world’s first choice for premium user interfaces, enabling flexible designs with easy integration.