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Changing an Industry

The story of our company started in 2012, when a team of industry experts from companies such as Nokia and Atmel saw an opportunity to revolutionise the touch industry. 

While existing technologies dealt primarily with the detection of a finger's position on a user interface, haptic feedback was regarded as an "add-on". As a result, the touch sensation felt unnatural, while combining separate technologies into a single system seemed complex and expensive. 

Inspired by the way humans grip objects, it's our mission to change the paradigm and offer a solution that excels in user experience and simplicity. Touch, click, feel. It's that simple!


How We Work
Evaluation Kit

Experience our AITO®HapticTouch technology first hand. Our powerful software tool lets you experiment with settings so you can create your own custom user experience.


Based on your requirements, we can create application-specific prototypes for internal demonstration and technology validation.

Training and Support

Before starting your product development process, we'll provide on-site training to familiarise your team with all system integration aspects, including electronics and mechanics design.

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Our Partners

We work with leading brands and top-tier integrators around the world. Contact us to find a suitable partner for the development of your application.