Aito Secures €2.5m Investment


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Aito Secures €2.5m Investment

11 July 2018

Aito secures investment

Aito has secured a €2.5m investment from Innovation Industries and existing shareholders in July this year. The €2.5m investment will be used to fuel further growth of Aito’s innovative HapticTouch technology in the automotive and mobile computing industries.


“We are very excited about our investment in Aito”, says Nard Sintenie, General Partner at Innovation Industries, who joins the supervisory board. “We believe that Aito’s superior technology is able to improve touch interfaces of familiar products such as smartphones or car infotainment systems. With this investment, we look forward to helping Aito scale up their global business.”


Peter Kurstjens, CEO of Aito stated: “Innovation Industries, with their experience in the high-tech industry, can help us to further strengthen our leading position in piezo-based sensing and actuation solutions".


Haptics are seen as an essential element to enhance the user interfaces of today’s consumer products. Whether as notification of input on smartphone touch screens or as replacement of traditional buttons in car interiors, haptic technologies will be found in billions of electronic devices in the coming years.  


Aito’s HapticTouch is the world’s only solution that provides accurate and precise feedback by combining touch sensing and haptic actuation into one single package. In doing so Aito’s HapticTouch achieves the thinnest form factor and lowest power consumption available.



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