Aito reveals world's first HapticTouch controller for automotive applications


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Aito reveals world's first HapticTouch controller for automotive applications

09 May 2016

Aito HapticTouch control

Aito, the leader in tactile human interface technology, today announced the launch of the world's first HapticTouch controller for automotive applications. With this new device, touch controls that replicate the feeling and sensation of pushing a physical button can be embedded into on any solid material within car interiors. This milestone underscores Aito's leading role in enabling button-free car interiors while at the same time improving driving safety.   

The new automotive qualified controller, the ATH700, features the most refined and advanced touch and haptic feedback performance available on the market. Designed for Aito's unique piezo-based sensing and actuation solution, it enables integrated touch buttons within automotive grade decorative plastic, aluminium or wooden consoles, door panels and steering wheels. New functions such as 'Haptic Force Touch' open possibilities for more intuitive and rich operation that can't be achieved with conventional buttons or switches.

"OEMs are searching for haptic technologies to address customers' complaints about the lack of tangible feedback of existing touch control solutions", said Peter Kurstjens, CEO of Aito. "The ATH700 follows extensive cooperation with leading automotive OEMs to define what a good haptic user experience of touch switches in cars means. We are very proud that our new controller meets and exceeds their expectations on performance and quality and we are looking forward to working together on bringing our solution into cars from 2018 onwards" added Kurstjens.

The ATH700 is available as demo kit and can be ordered through Aito's website


About Aito:

Aito gives new meaning to intuitive and safe operation of electronic devices. The company offers a new category of interface controls that combines touch functionality with haptic feedback in the world’s thinnest form factor. Based in Amsterdam and Helsinki, Aito's breakthrough piezo sensing technology is well on its way to change user interfaces of a wide range of appliances, in mobile, home and automotive applications.

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