The AitoChip touch controller is divided into three families with distinctive features:

Main features AitoChip product family
AitoTouch AitoHapticTouch AitoTouchLE
Configurable sensitivity
LED feedback
Audio feedback
Haptic feedback
Press and hold
Configurable channels*
Multiple host interfaces
Ultra-low power (<1µA)

* Configurable channel: Channel with selectable mode. All channels support LED output, one supports buzzer and a sub-set supports Piezo input. On AitoHapticTouch family products all channels support Haptic output.

AitoTouch controllers have up to 18 channels and can be used to control up to 11 buttons. Where user feedback is required, they drive LEDs or buzzers.

AitoHapticTouch controllers, which drive up to 6 buttons, can be used to drive haptic response from the piezoelectric elements in the touch panel. The precise physical response can again be tailored to each individual key. Additional actuators are not needed.

AitoTouchLE controllers feature up to 5 channels. On average, they consume less than 1µA, independent of the number of buttons. These controllers create the world’s most energy efficient touch solutions, without sacrificing usability.

Product datasheet can be found here.